Insane, diehard Flyers fan. Season ticket holder. #1 advocate for the awesomeness of Claude Giroux. Avid fan of Luke Schenn's pregame stretch.


everyone needs to CHILL the FUCK oUt. it was ONE GAMe. it’s a best of seven series dUdez. let’s go fLYurz.

all flyered up! wore one of my jerseys to class and then came home to my wolf of broad street shirt in the mail!

i feel so bad for steve mason. he played so well for us this season and he seemed so excited about the playoffs. it sucks that he’ll be in the press box for at least game one. get well soon, mase!

7pm tomorrow, i become a completely irrational person that cannot be reasoned with…

because it’s the cup


the Flyers won 4 of their first 15 games and they STILL made it into the Playoffs


but Emery starting in net is what’s going to make you all give up??

fuck that, Emery is a beast and has PROVEN that he can come up HUGE when it matters!!! YOU GO RAZOR!!!!